Syndication Policy

Feel free to use our content!

We have recently been getting queries from websites asking about using our content for syndication purposes. This is completely fine and something that we are happy to encourage here at Find Energy. The purpose of this website is to bring helpful and interesting articles to the public, so we are happy to share our content if it will help others.

Many news organizations have recently found the need to reduce staff writers, and we are happy to help fill the void to provide interesting and helpful content where it may be needed. Content syndication is the perfect solution to that.

As with all content syndication, all we ask is that you give Find Energy credit as the original source of the article. If you will be adding the content to your website or social media, please link back to the original content here on This way we can establish a fair exchange of free, interesting content in exchange for a link back.

In other words, take our content, you can steal it even. You don’t need to contact us for permission, simply mention that the original article was from Find Energy and link back to us here.

If you are interested in other ways of cooperating, contact us via email and we will be get back to you with more info.